Winter Beauty: It's All About Blue

January puts me in a blue mood. Not a sad one, just a cool, icy, azure state of mind. And Estee Lauder has two new beauty buys in the cobalt category. Sumptuous Extreme is Estee Lauder's new mascara, and it boasts three different brush fibers to make your lashes perk up more than ever. I never really understand all the ins and outs of why a mascara works, so I'll just tell you: This one does. It comes in Black, Brown and Violet, but I am loving the Indigo version best ($23, pictured).

Now that my lashes are blue, I have to take care of my nails. Wild Storm from Estee Lauder Pure Color ($19) is the perfect winter shade of pewter with hints of indigo, and the polish is so shiny it looks wet on your nails. Plus, the innovative brush shape made it pretty easy to apply myself (though I'm kind of a klutz, so I may also bring this in to a salon for a quickie manicure).

My suggestion? Try these out, or find your own favorite ceruleans, and paint the new year blue!