5 Cute Bag Charms

I've been wanting to buy a new bag for a while now, however my bank account disagrees with this decision. Instead, I'm going to accessorize my old purse with some bag candy to make it a little more exciting. A little more fun. A little more what-whaaaat! And here we go: Tribal Hmong Charms, Tribalmade ($12, pictured). This blast of color is styled after Hmong tribal charms. Made to bring good luck and inspiration, the items on this 12" charm possess meaning: shells protect you from danger, wooden rings signify an eternal life, and the embroidered spirals mean longevity. (And I just thought it looked cute!)

Fortune Pork Plush, Kid Robot ($9 each). These weird and cute plush danglies from the Fortune Pork Series will add just the right amount of bizarre to your bag.

Charmaine Crystal Cluster Pendant, Bits n' Beads ($21). Get ready for some bag bling with these champagne-colored crystals -- it's like having a mini chandelier clipped to your purse.

String Dolls, uncommongoods ($10 each). Made in Thailand from one single piece of string (impressive!), these dolls come in all kinds of different crazy characters, but here you'll find an astronaut, a little devil and a roman warrior.

Japanese Mochi Charm, Roscata ($32). Do you know what mochi is? It's a Japanese food that's made out of sticky rice, often in the shape of ball, that is white or pastel colored. It's also the muse for this charm, which features six mochi-inspired creations. I'm hungry.

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