AllyKatzz Hearts: Pretty Little Liars

Today's guest post on I Heart Daily is from Allykatzz Teen Editor Kiley Krzyzek, 16, of Connecticut. She tells us about her favorite TV show this season: Some shows are too complicated to keep up with. Some shows I get obsessed with the first season they premiere (Glee, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and then they slowly go downhill from there and lose my interest. One show that never fails to hold my attention and keep me tuning in every monday? Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.

The plot's kinda weird if you've never seen the show, but basically it's about a group of friends in high school after their leader and mean girl best bud Alison goes missing and then is found dead. They get cyberstalked by someone named "A" with threats, missions, and clues to Ali's murder.

With cute guys like Brant Daugherty who plays Noel Kahn, it's hard to resist the show. According to Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields on the show, people keep tuning in because "each character is so relatable, and if you don’t feel that you connect completely or totally understand one character, you kind of find yourself in each of them."

There's also an the equally addicting book series by Sara Shepard, which the show's based on, so readers and viewers can't get enough. I have so many conversations with fans about who I think 'A' is or who Ali's killer is or whether Ali's even really dead! Pretty Little Liars is a must watch, and read!  

 Kiley Krzyzek, 16, is the Teen Editor of, a safe blogging and reporting site for girls. She lives in Connecticut and loves animals, writing, and making jewelry for her business Bejeweled Jewelry. Her allykatzz screen name is Ki.