DIY Fashion Week Style

 It's Fashion Week in NYC, and there are enough great trends coming down the runway to break a girl's bank! So after I scroll through looks on, I crack open P.S. - I made this... by Erica Domesek (Abrams). Based on her blog of the same name, the book's tagline is simply, "I see it. I like it. I make it." Easy enough for the gifted crafters among us, right? What about girls like me who think re-sewing a button on a shirt is cause for huge accolades? After reading through Erica's book, I've realized: There is hope!

In simple one-page instructions, she breaks down how to create everything from chunky pearl necklaces to feather skirts. You can see a few how-tos on her blog, but the book gives context and fuller instructions that are super helpful, plus you get more than 25 projects in these pages. If you're hankering for some DIY projects (and some spring style on a budget), this one's for you.