Get in Touch With Your Future

Do people bury time capsules anymore? I remember putting one in the ground with my sixth grade class, but we never dug it up, which kind of defeats the purpose. I think I wrote a letter that started "Dear Melissa, Age 25," and boy do I wish I knew what I'd said to myself. Probably something about my crush on Ronnie S., but I digress... Anyway, I found a site where you can write notes to your future self, FutureMe. You can rant about your recent breakup or muse about whether your self-in-five-years is making big dreams come true. Remind yourself of something important from your past or just ask yourself what's up. What I'm doing: Making a 3-year wish list. Let's see how many wishes I can cross off by 2014!

Whatever you write will be emailed to you at a future date of your choosing. Schedule it for a month from now, a year from now, even 10 years down the road when EVERYTHING will be different. Here's some more official lowdown on how it works.

You can post your letter publicly and anonymously if you choose -- scroll through this page to see how others are using FutureMe. There's even a book of the best letters from the site, Dear Future Me by Matt Sly and Jay Patrikios.

Oh, and one last tip: Use an email address that you're gonna keep around for a while, maybe not the mrs.taylor.lautner thing you've got going, though a girl can dream.