Indie Crafter du Jour: Briana Rose of Five and Two

Five and Two is Briana Rose's beauteous accessories collection. It's colorful, inspired by nature, and possesses a magical sensibility. Her use of rough gems creates a geometric theme in her pieces, which I love, because it's not too girly or prim (perfect for former tomboys like moi). Here are five standout pieces from her line: Iris Pink Pyramid Ring ($24, pictured). The palest pink softens the appearance of this pointy, bold ring.

Faith Quartz Crystal Studs ($20). Diamond earrings not quite in your budget? Well, I think these are better anyway!

Lani Pyramid Studded Bracelet (2 for $20). These colorful pieces of suede are decked with pyramid studs. Pick out the colors you want and feel a little more badass with each strand you tie on.

Lucy Friendship Bracelet (set of 4 for $18). Pyrite is called "fool's gold" and it's the little "gem" that adorns these string friendship bracelets. You'll get four Lucy bracelets in the hues you choose.

Joy Rainbow Crystal Necklace ($75). This rainbow crystal hangs as a pendant on an 18" brass chain. I've always wanted magical powers, and by wearing this necklace, I think my witchy instincts might finally come to fruition.