Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Real Nail Polish Strips

Ready to ride the crazy nail train? Sally Hansen has made it easy to get boldly patterned nails with Salon Effects ($10), their new line of self-adhesive "nail stickers." Here's how it works: the strips come in eight different sizes so you can choose the best fit for each of your nails. Peel off the backing and apply the sticker carefully to your nail bed; get rid of bubbles with a cuticle stick (the kit comes with one), and then file off the remaining portion for a smooth finish. For a video on how they work, take a look-see here.

There's zero dry time! They last up to 10 days -- with no chipping!! Great selling points, but the main draw is the variety of patterns! Though Salon Effects come in solid colors, why go plain when you can get glitter, zebra print, black lace, flowers or butterflies?

Boldly go where no nail has gone before.