Sweet Conversation Hearts

I used to read way too much into those little Necco candy hearts with messages on them. In sixth grade I got a bag full of them from my crush, and I scoured them for secret messages. Of course, he hadn't even glanced at the words like, "Be Mine" and "Call Me." It was just candy. As candy, these guys are pretty fun to crunch, but it's really the messages that give the little pastel hearts their star power. The Smithsonian Magazine did a feature on the history of the "conversation heart," mentioning the special Twilight heart line with phrases like, "Bite Me," "Dazzle" and "Live 4 Ever." And last year, for the first time,  the public could suggest new messages. "Tweet Me," "Text Me" and "Love Bug" were the top three last year, so look for those in your Valentines today.

Read more about the classic candies here (or check out Anne's history of candy corn, if you're hankering for related content), and have a super swell Valentine's Day full of hearts!