Double Duty Rings

Now that I've got my spring nail polishes picked out, I need to deck out my hands, which have been hidden under gloves all winter. Lately, I'm into double-duty rings. Here are five favorites: Marc Jacobs Lola Eau de Parfum, amazon ($41, pictured). The colorful floral design hides a delicious solid fragrance, Lola by Marc Jacobs. So cute, so sweet!

Pale Daisy Antiqued Brass Locket Ring, CMVISION Jewelry ($13). A vintage feel and pretty resin flower make this locket ring the perfect place to tuck away a secret photo or even a tiny love note.

Tarina Tarantino Lip Gloss Ring, Sephora ($20, on sale). This cameo cocktail ring also houses a teensy pot of lip gloss in one of five vibrant colors, including Tokyo Hardcore and Victorian Punk.

Snow Globe Ring, Glam Globes ($20). Filled with glittery goodness, this ring will make your hand sparkle with style. You can even add an image of your choice to the ring, so it looks like your best friend, or your dog, or your celebrity crush, is in a glitter snowstorm.

Knitted Bow Ring, CarterCraftCreations ($8). It's like a sweater bow tied around your finger and topped with a button. This ring's double-duty action is really just extreme cuteness.