Get Crazy-Shiny Nails for $3

I know that white tear-shaped item doesn't look all that special. Does it deserve a name like Crazy Shine? The answer is YES. This unassuming new buffer from Revlon can turn your nails from dull to deliriously reflective in about 60 seconds (that's a personal timeline for all ten fingers -- and I am notoriously slow and lazy with self-manicures). On unpolished nails, rub one side of the buffer to smooth the nail surface, and then use the other side to get a radiant shine (Revlon says your nails will be 400% shinier than before, and I'm inclined to believe it). If you're polished up for spring, using just the shining side will bring a glossy refresh to your color.

It's not often that you find a $3 beauty product that can change the look of your nails -- but this one does. Revlon vows that the results will last for three days (though my trial lasted for five). Did I mention it takes about one minute to use? Pick it up at any drugstore or online.