Get the Haircut You Want

Remember Alma G. of The Alma Salon, the amazing hair stylist who told us about how to dye your hair the right way? When I went to see her, I brought her this picture of Carey Mulligan (left), and she totally gave me this look, with a little more length. Love it. So I asked her for tips on how to approach a salon appointment (always daunting, no?).  Find a stylist who understands your hair. This could mean that the person has the same hair type as you (ideal), or someone who just demonstrates an understanding of your specific 'do. "They should spend at least five minutes talking to you about what you want done, and they should have some ideas, too -- you want to find someone creative and adventurous."

 Bring in a photo. "People often make the mistake of choosing a picture of someone they wish they looked like. The key is to find a model or celebrity who has hair that is similar to your own, only more styled and glossier, perhaps." In other words if you have very fine hair, don't take in a photo of Beyoncé -- it ain't happening.

 Speak up! If a stylist does you wrong or misinterprets your ideas, let them know you're unhappy -- don't just smile and say, "I love it!" and then go home and weep. "Sometimes they can fix it on the spot."