Hear(t) It: Cults

Favorite new band alert. The name is Cults, a duo comprised of San Diegan sweethearts Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, who now make their home in New York City. About a year ago, they posted some of their songs on the interwebs just for their friends to hear, and they became instant music blog darlings.

Cults draws inspiration from the pop sounds of the 60s, like girl groups and Motown, resulting in instantly likable tunes that make you feel nostalgic for the things you've never known. But it isn't all sunshine and lollipops. "I think what makes something beautiful is when it’s pretty but there’s something wrong with it too,” says Brian of what inspires him. “That’s the pinnacle of beauty to me, when someone who is so obviously disagreeable in every way can say something perfect.”

Look out for Cults' debut album in May. That's good news, but we still have to wait a couple months to hear it. To tide you over, listen to the songs off their 7" here, and then watch the new music video they made for "Go Outside," starring Emma Roberts.