Honestly WTF's Awesome DIY Projects

Though the weekend was spring-like in Brooklyn, I spent most of my time indoors nursing a cold (yes, you can feel sorry for me). But I decided to multitask while watching hours of Netflix by going through the archives of Honestly WTF's DIY archives. Honestly WTF is a website run by two stylish and fun ladies, Erica and Lauren. Some of their best features are the amazing DIY projects where they reconstruct clothes and accessories from more expensive versions -- on-the-cheap. Each DIY comes with awesome instructions and step-by-step photos (that actually make sense!).

I'm not the craftiest person, but I surprised myself by making this Braided Hex Nut Bracelet (pictured), and amazingly it turned out to look exactly like the photo. AND the whole thing cost me about $3! How 'bout dem apples?

Other projects I'm looking to get my hands on are these pom-poms, this Woven Chain Bracelet, and this Rope Necklace -- I mean, hello summer jewelry statement piece. Honestly, WTF? You're awesome.