How to Ace the SATs


Not to get all academic on you guys, but I just found out about, this awesome SAT prep website that is... wait for it... FREE! I know seniors are about to get college letters now (oh, the agony!), but if you're heading toward the SAT, you should definitely check out this site. (Find out more about amazing founder Jason Shah here.)

There are 800+ practice exam questions, and 60 lessons in math, reading and writing that have some pop culture in them so your eyes won't completely glaze over. There's even a score projector to give you a heads up on how you might do. I know, I know, maybe not how you want to spend your free time right now. But still, better than re-taking the SAT three times (oh, wait, that was me).

Check out their blog for tips and information on Personal Statements, Financial Aid and Scholarships, among other super-confusing parts of the college application process.

The extra cool thing is that is trying to help students who can't afford pricey tutoring or extra classes, so spread the word about the site (high school newspaper editors, that means you!). Let's try to close the achievement gap so that income doesn't determine who gets to go to college.