How to Dye Your Hair Safely

Alma G, pictured, is the super-friendly genius behind The Alma Salon in NYC, and she specializes in keeping your hair both healthy and chic (a good combo). She gives warm, personalized attention to your individual style and is all about natural hair care -- very no-fuss. We asked Alma for tips on how to have fun with your hair color without ending up with permanent damage (or bald -- eep!), and she generously offered three guidelines. We are all for wild colors, but safety first, people!

For temporary dye jobs, turn to Ricky's. "They have the best sprays ($7 each) -- green, glitter, whatever! The colors wash out and you can change your shade constantly without fear of damage."

Use oil, then bleach. "If you must bleach your hair before you dye it (though I still recommend Ricky's first!), do a coconut oil treatment first. Pick up the oil at any drugstore, then put it on your hair like a conditioner, rinse and repeat. It'll protect your scalp from the burns that bleach can cause."

Relaxers: Warning! "Avoid relaxers if you can, but if you really need them, make sure you see a professional who uses a gentle and organic relaxer -- all other kinds can seriously damage your hair and skin."

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