The Spring Break Bikini Primer

Spring Break is just around the corner, and while you're likely thinking about cute bathing suits, you also might be worrying about something less fun: Down-there grooming. We are all for the natural girls (when you're like, "I'm not dealing with this," try retro suitsboy bottoms or ruffles galore). But if you're wanting to create a little clearance around the upper thigh, you'll probably turn to shaving or a wax.

Shaving is the cheapest/fastest way to go, and here's a tip: Make sure your skin and hair are saturated with water. This is one time where springing for shaving cream (not just using soap) is highly recommended -- it helps soften the hair more. Pull the skin tight and shave with an upward stroke. If you prefer a wax, we recommend a non-DIY version (meaning a salon).

Either way, you may end up with some razor burn and those red bikini bumps. How to fight those: Bikini Bump Blaster ($32, pictured) from Completely Bare. These easy-to-use pads swipe over the area just like an Oxy pad on your face, and they help prevent and treat bumps. Or try No Bump Skin Treatment ($15) before and after you remove the hair -- it preps the area and then helps maintain smoothness.

Now that you've got that under control, just go enjoy the sun! (With SPF, of course -- although Jersey Shore is fun, remember tanning is super bad.)