ThinkGeek: Quirky Gifts Under $15

Have you guys been to It's my new favorite site for perfectly quirky gifts, which many of my friends (being quirky people) deserve. Here are five of my favorites from the site:

 Plush Sushi ($10 each, pictured). Choose Wasabi & Ginger, Salmon Roe, Tuna or Shrimp (or snag the whole set for $30). Note to thinkgeek: Add edamame!

♥ Colorflame Candles ($3). These babies burn in red, purple, green, blue and orange. I feel like I've been waiting for this rainbow delight all my life!

 Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets ($15). This is going to blow your mind: These tablets change your taste buds temporarily so that bitter and sour foods taste much sweeter (after half a tablet, try a lemon and it'll taste like candy -- seriously!).

 Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzles ($10 each). These 16 classic mechanical puzzles come in four levels of difficulty, and they're tiny-cute for easy portability.

 Cupcake Mints ($3). I'm a mint fan, so I love me some Altoids, but I have friends who are mint-averse, and for these finicky souls I will buy Cupcake Mints, which smell and taste like baked, frosted treats. Mmm...