Crazy Cute Makeup Cases

At I Heart Daily, we talk a lot about makeup, but never about anything to put the makeup in. Well, that ends today! Having a cute cosmetic case is just as important as wearing the right lip gloss. But, we poo-poo your standard black pouch. Instead, here are four options with style. Hello Kitty Pink Die-Cut Metallic Pouch, Sanrio ($26, pictured). Hello Kitty is the cutest fictional cat ever (sorry, Garfield). Here, she's shiny pink, embossed in a croc print, and comes with a heart zipper pull. Cute attack!

Slice Of Cake Pouch, Fred Flare ($14). Want to have your cake and put your makeup in it, too? DONE!

Electric Safari Cosmetic Case, Sephora ($10). Neon Cheetah prints. Don't they make you feel... wild? These bags from Sephora are made from clear plastic, which makes them easy to clean when that Lipstick Cap falls off in transit. Choose from green, orange, yellow and pink.

Aldeas Make-Up Case, Anthropologie ($44). Admittedly a little pricey, but with its pretty textured, bright floral pattern, this one can double as a cute spring clutch.