Ecowasbal: The Eco-Friendly Washing Solution!

One thing you have to know before college: How to do your own laundry. I'm not going to walk you through that process, but I will give you a tip. One word: ECOWASBAL.

This soapless wonder takes the place of regular detergent. It's a ball filled with small ceramic beads... and here's where I'll drop some science: When the beads come in contact with water, they create ions that reduce the surface tension of the water, activating water molecules to help release dirt from the fibers of your clothes, which totally retain softness, color and elasticity -- ECOWASBAL is gentle!

This little guy is effective for up to 1,000 washes (so just one, at $37, should carry you through four years of college) and it can fully clean a lightly soiled load. Add a little detergent if you've been playing rugby in the mud -- you're still working in the Very Eco-Friendly category. Did I mention the ECOWASBAL is completely recyclable? It is!