No More Waity, Katie Lippy and Lacquer

So, I guess, like, this Prince dude and this chick he met in college are getting married -- have you heard about it?

I kid! The world is all over the royal union of Prince Billy (that's what I like to call him) and his long-time sweetheart Kate Middleton. After a lengthy courtship, they're finally tying the knot. In honor of Kate's infinite patience, beauty brand butter LONDON has created No More Waity, Katie Lippy ($18) and No More Waity, Katie nail lacquer ($14).

The lippy (that's what those Brits call gloss) is a soft, sheer lavender with tiny flecks of lilac glitter, and the lacquer matches -- it's a greige with the same lilac sparkle.

Perhaps I'm the odd one out, but I have more interest in these products than the actual wedding. But, hey -- mazel tov to the happy couple!