Presto Change-o: Wet Paint Nail Glaze System

Usually I'm a creature of habit, but lately I've been switching up my nail color like it's going out of style. One day it's Mint Sorbet and the next my nail are covered in a floral pattern. But I've discovered a way to change it up without giving myself a new manicure. It's called the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System. Oh yes, I've found a new thing to experiment with. What Wet Paint does is give you an assortment of base colors and glaze colors. Base colors are a high shine polish, available in bold and pastel shades (pictured). Now the fun part: whereas you'd usually apply two coats of the same polish, with Wet Paint your second coat is a colored glaze (think a tinted clear polish) that changes the overall hue, depending on the combination. Remember how you learned that blue plus yellow makes green? Same concept.

Check out Wet Paint's color chart to see all the possible combos. At $5 a bottle, it's not a bad deal!