Sex and the City: The Teen Years

Candace Bushnell, the legendary writer who inspired the character of Carrie Bradshaw via her newspaper column and book, Sex and the City, is chronicling Carrie's adventures as a teenager in The Carrie Diaries books. Summer and the City (HarperTeen), book two, is out today! We sat down with Candace and talked Carrie: I Heart Daily: Was imagining Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager hard to do? Candace Bushnell: I adore the character and she's certainly a part of me, so it was natural to know who she was.

IHD: Do you have any advice for young Carries out there -- girls who are writing their hearts out and hoping to have an adventure in the big city? CB: I moved to New York when I was nineteen with two phone numbers in my pocket and very little money. It was hard and scary and some bad things happened, but I was incredibly confident and strong-willed. Most importantly, I wasn't imitating or following someone else's path, I was doing what was right for me. It's good to take chances, but your actions need to come from the inside, not from a desire to copy someone else.

IHD: If we could ask Carrie what her must-haves for Summer and the City are, what would she say? CB: It would be back in the 80s, so she'd probably want Fiorucci T-shirts with angels on them and wooden Candies-style shoes.

IHD: And finally, what are you "hearting" right now? CB: I'm hearting the book Jane Eyre.

Thanks, Candace! Check out Summer and the City for your beach bag (Samantha and Miranda are in the book too!).