Support Teen Lit Day!

 Today is Support Teen Lit Day, and you know how we.lovebooks! Get involved by Rocking the Drop with readergirlz and Figment. Here's how: 1. Print out a bookplate (or just put a stickie on your book) to explain that your book is part of Rock the Drop.

2. Leave your chosen Young Adult book in a public place where you think a reader might find it (like on the bus or on a park bench).

3. Snap a pic of your drop and share it with readergirlz by email or on twitter with the #rockthedrop tag to enter to win a set of books by E. Lockhart. They'll be posting photos of drops all over the world on their blog, and so will Figment!

Bonus points if you drop one of the books pictured, all of which just made the American Library Association's Top 10 Most Banned list for 2010. You know we're so not into book banning.

Happy Support Teen Lit Day!

Here's the official Rock the Drop video by author Crissa Chappell (and her niece Corie):