The Bright Side of College Admissions

 The Daily Beast reported that it's harder to get into your college of choice this year than ever before, which is kind of grim news. But here are a few silver linings to remember:  Your passion is what matters. Focus more on what you love to do and less on the name-recognition of your school. So if you love creative writing, MIT may not be for you... finding a tiny school with a program that offers small classes and tons of workshopping may be better, for example.

 You can save money by thinking local. Attending a school in your state or a community college where you can stay for two years and possibly transfer to a four-year school later can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Also, a secret: Ivy League schools are easier to get into as graduate schools, so maybe save your big reach for your post-undergrad experience if further education is part of the plan.

 Where you go to college does not make or break your life. There are hundreds -- thousands -- of great schools, and if you're determined to go to college, you will end up at one of them. The experience is what you make of it: The classes you take, the professors you bond with, the people you meet. And there are quality people everywhere, not just at the Ivies. We promise.