The Coolest Umbrellas For Spring

 It's April, it's rainy. You know the poem about flowers and showers, right? This month, a late afternoon storm can mean being caught outside without an umbrella, and that's a day-ruiner. Especially if you're wearing cute shoes. So I found this app, Umbrella Today?, and it answers that simple question based on your location and the weather report. It's $1.99, and so worth it. When the answer's "Yes," tote one of these beauties:

 Goldfish, ($28, pictured). You. In a fishbowl. In the rain.

 Color Wheel Stick, MoMA ($40). Pricey, but the perfect rainbow of 24 hues means it's puddle party time!

 Raindrops on Railways, modcloth ($30). This retro bubble dome has a print of the New York City subway system, either for style or directional purposes, depending on where you live.

 Really Rad Green Vintage, etsy ($20). Super mod in bright green with clear circle designs -- just one on etsy so snap it up if you like what you see!

 Candy Umbrella, Dylan's Candy Bar ($25). You need sweet treats to cheer you up in the rain. It's a proven fact.