We Heart Amigurumi

Most of you are familiar with the Japanese art form of origami, but do you know about amigurumi? It's the craft of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals or objects, and the results are pretty damn cute. As Wikipedia states: "Amigurumi have no practical use," but when has that stopped us? Onward! Cupcake Softie, anapaulaoli ($16, each, pictured). These cupcakes won't go bad or cause cavities. They just smile at you, as if to say: "You can't eat us, but we'll make you happy every single day for the rest of your life."

Smores Campfire Set, Sweethoots ($20). I bet you've never thought you needed a knitted anthropomorphic set of a campfire and a marshmallow... that is, until now!

Ms. Octopus, llcourtney ($12). If you have a fear of deep sea creatures, delightful Ms. Octopus can ease your worries. Also, check out Mr. Octopus, who sports a handsome mustache.

Olli, The Opunita, woollywonderland ($21). A cactus is a good choice if you're lacking a green thumb. However, if you find yourself unable to keep anything alive, this cactus amigurumi is the perfect houseplant, and the most care it'll require is a little dusting.

Bunny Keychain, AmiCutes ($5). Perfect for an Easter basket gift (and much better than carrying around a dead rabbit's foot).