5 Cute Charm Bracelets

The cool thing about charm bracelets is that they're endlessly customizable. They can commemorate everything from your trip around the world to your love of all things geeky (see robot and book options, below). Here are five picks for a charmed wrist:  Got Books? Literary Charm Bracelet, A Likely Story ($38, pictured). With replica typewriter keys, pewter charms and literary images, the book-geek in you will swoon for this one.

 Dinosaur Bracelet, ShanaLogic ($18). Remember how the idea of dinosaurs blew your mind when you were younger? Let this bracelet celebrate that sense of wonder.

 Candy Sweets Charm Bracelet, KorpseCrafts ($15). This could work two ways: Either you're hungry all day for donuts, or you're sated by this bracelet's cuteness.

 Ulinx Magnetic Jewelry, Ulinx ($25 per set). These are the ultimate update for friendship jewelry -- the strong magnets that make up each design (you can create necklaces and rings too) can be bought individually, traded with friends and moved around to create new pieces. Think of them as a more grown-up version of Silly Bandz.

 Robot Love Charm Bracelet, MindThis ($5). With a silicon band and crystal accent, this little guy makes a simple statement (and he can always be joined by friends).