Bold Spring Jewelry

Sometimes, you just want your accessories to be craaaazy. I'm not talking about a statement piece -- those are usually elegant in some way. I'm talking nutso, showstopping stuff. Jewelry that gets talked about. For this, I turn to British shop Galibardy. Here are five faves:  Rainbowflower Ring ($28, pictured). Take the floral trend to three dimensions. Just don't poke anyone's eye out.

 Paper Planes Necklace ($28). Brass miniature planes fly around your neck. I mean, they don't really fly... but they hang there really prettily.

 Tape Bracelet ($34). This brass beauty is fairly understated, but it measures up.

 Cheeky Fox Ring ($24). I mean, why not decorate your finger with a crystal fox?

 Matchstick Necklace ($34). Like style on fire.

Be sure to scroll through the whole gallery of rings, necklaces and earrings -- you'll be amazed.