Cute Sunglasses, $12 and Under

It's getting bright outside... time to stock up on the perfect summer shades. We found five great pairs to throw into beach bags, store in your car, wear in the pool and generally mess around in -- they're so affordable that you can buy multiple styles. Yes!  Heart Shape Frame, GoJane ($4, pictured). At this price, you can don these dark heart shades in all different accent colors! Snag a couple of pairs with zebra-print arms in purple, green, white, red and turquoise.

 Cateye Sunglasses, Wet Seal ($7.50). With a dark tint and a slightly upturned edge, this pair is classic. Go for the 2 for $10 deal in case you lose one (or if you want to be summer twins with a friend).

 Risky Business Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters ($10). Try on a '50s Wayfarer shape (which had an '80s renaissance thanks to a certain Tom Cruise movie), updated with a floral print.

 Fashion Charmer Sunglasses, Modcloth ($12). The striped top frame and mahogany lens balance out their geek-chic shape.

 Boho 70s Sunglasses, billyskyvintage ($10). This vintage pair with brownish-red frames and mirrored lenses makes us want to take a long drive down a dusty road at sunset.