eco-amour: A Close Shave You'll Want

 I don't take special measures when it comes to shaving my legs or underarms. I'll use whatever is within reach in the shower: shampoo, bar soap, shower gel, etc. But, since trying out eco-armour, I'm shaving to the beat of a different emollient. Made by a husband and wife team, eco-armour is an all-natural, eco-friendly shaving foam that feels and smells heavenly. It comes in two scents: Eucamint 2, which contains eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils for its refreshing and tingly smell, and Pomago, which is enhanced with pomegranate and mango-scented oils and smells so scrumptious you'll wish it were a popsicle flavor.

Seriously, this stuff really conditions your skin -- mine feels like a baby's bottom. Also, it doubles as a body and face wash, making it the triple threat of bathing foams. And because it contains witch hazel -- which conditions metals -- you can apply eco-armour to your razor in between shaves to extend the sharpness and use of the blade.

At $14 for a 3 oz bottle and $24 for 7.1 oz, it isn't exactly budget, but I can vouch that a little pump goes a long way. So if you have problems with razor burn, ingrown hairs or irritation, or if you just want really soft skin that smells good, check out eco-armour. Summer's a-calling and those short shorts want to come and out play.