How to Recreate Iconic Beauty Looks

 Last summer, we highlighted Erika Stalder's In the Driver's Seat, a guide to your first car (still a fantastic resource!). This year, she's got something different out on the shelves: The Look Book (Zest), with illustrations by Carol Pesce. It's all about Hollywood beauty icons, and it could not be more fun. Celebrity hair stylist Christopher Fulton and makeup-artist-to-the-stars Cameron Cohen also contributed to this beauty bible that celebrates stars ranging from Björk to Marilyn Monroe to Naomi Campbell. You'll learn when each one inspired a new look, why it became legendary and how to create it.

Want to rock Betty Boop's bee-stung lips (which were inspired by silent film star Clara Bow)? Kate Winslet's no-makeup makeup? Veronica Lake's peek-a-boo hair wave? You're covered -- the stars featured span the decades from the 1920s to now. Not to brag, but my pop culture beauty knowledge is kind of off the charts after flipping through The Look Book.

Stalder says that each style included in the book "is absolutely attainable at home, by girls of all ages," and I'm inclined to agree. I can barely put on mascara, but with step-by-step instructions from The Look Book, I'm about to tackle Audrey Hepburn's winged eyes. Wish me luck.

Check out a few instructional videos from the book here. You'll be hooked.