Indie Crafter Du Jour: Rachel of Academy Jewelry

I saw style maven/blogger Rebecca of The Clothes Horse wearing this coral necklace and I was immediately smitten. Luckily, because the Internet is convenient like that, she linked to the maker's Etsy shop. Rebecca Albright is the jeweler behind Academy, crafting simple, colorful, nature-inspired pieces that need to belong to me right away.

Bright Pink Coral Necklace ($32, pictured). How pretty is this? It also comes in pale pink, navy and lavender. Would it be obsessive to get all of them?

Triple Triangle Necklace ($42). Three hand-painted wood triangles hang in perfect balance from a 22" gold and brass chain. And, if I'm not mistaken, those are equilateral triangles. (Yes, I got an A in geometry.)

Turquoise Stone Stud Earrings ($24). Why wear boring gold studs when you can rock these beauties of nature?