Love Your Body For Real

 A new Arizona State University study shows that one in four women would choose severe depression over being obese, and one in six would rather go blind than get that fat. Um, what?!

This is crazy talk! And yes, the study involved 101 women in the Phoenix area -- not thousands from across the country -- but still. Think about that. What would your answer be to this game of Would You Rather Be Obese or Go Blind?

We're all for body love: We've written about how silly Barbie's body is, featured great healthy snacks and indoor workouts, and discussed weight issues with plus-sized celebrities. It has nothing to do with your weight -- it has to do with feeling good.

So please, don't choose being depressed or blind over being obese -- those are both things that are out of your control. But you're in charge of your body and how it works (oh, except you can't help it if you lose your sight). Empower yourself to feel good.

If you need support -- because none of us are immune from feeling down on ourselves once in a while -- visit The Now Foundation's Love Your Body campaign. They rock.