MASH: Is There A Movie Star In Your Future?

You will marry Johnny Depp. After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Los Angeles in your fabulous apartment. You will have two kids together. The family will zoom around together in a purple Porsche. You will spend your days as a writer, and live happily ever after. Um, yes please! However, I can only hold onto this fantasy for so long until I have to get back to my less-than-glamorous reality. But this "fortune telling" is courtesy of MASH (which stands for Mansion Apartment Shack House) -- that old schoolgirl game that lets you dream big about your future.

Remember? You pick your wannabe partners, jobs, cars, house, and then by process of elimination you get your results. But because this is 2011 and not 1989, we're getting rid of the binder paper and Bic pen, and using this  website where you can MASH online.

It's a nice little distraction from reality (i.e. homework, finals, life), although... never say never!