Nail Flare: Konad, OPI Shatter & Half-Moon Manis

I'm pretty obsessed with my nails. Now with easy-to-use nail stickers from Sally Hansen (and these from Sephora!), no one knows my natural nail color anymore. But what if you want a little sumpin' sumpin' -- not a full-on manicure. Just some flare? Here are three options:

Half-Moon Manicure. This is a chic, retro manicure (and the one that Dita Von Teese rocks as her signature). It's sort of like a reverse French mani (pictured). It looks complicated and a bit intimidating, but this YouTube tutorial shows you how to easily DIY it with the use of some binder stickers!

OPI Black Shatter Polish, Amazon ($6). Apply this unique formula over any polish color, and you'll get a crackled effect, reminiscent of leopard print. Love this stuff (especially awesome for when you mess up your nails -- it hides the mistakes!).

Konad Stamping Nail Art. Truth be told -- I've never tried using this, but my curiosity is piqued. You basically get to choose from hundreds of patterns and images, and you literally stamp the design on your nails with one of these kits. If anyone has ever experimented with Konad, let us know your thoughts!