Photo Project: Teenage Girls in Their Rooms

 Photographer Rania Matar's recent project, A Girl And Her Room, is a fascinating set of photos of teenage girls in their most intimate spaces -- their bedrooms. In her Project Statement, Rania describes a girl's bedroom as "an area that is theirs, that they can fully control, decorate, trash and be themselves in." That's Krystal, 17, from Boston, Massachusetts (pictured). Every time I study one of these photos I see a new detail and I have more questions and observations: Who gave her that "I love you" bear? She obviously is into hot pink and black ripped tights, which is an amazing combo. That is a huge box of Cheez-Its!

Flip through two portfolios and some close-up portraits for a unique window into other girls' worlds. We're hoping that Rania will continue the project in more cities around the globe.