Read It: Crush: 26 Real-life Tales of First Love

I've had a number of crushes throughout the years. Some were giddy, lighthearted affairs, and some were painfully intense, leaving my soul destroyed and ego embarrassingly bruised (don't worry, I recovered!). But, hey -- we can all relate, right? Well, get ready to commiserate in a major way with Crush: 26 Real-life Tales of First Love, edited by Andrea N. Richesin, who assembled this anthology of writers spilling their guts about L-U-V.

The range of emotions and types of crushes run the gamut. Jacquelyn Mitchard's melancholy but tender story of finding lost love letters from a boy in Vietnam is a movie plot come to life, while David Levithan writes candidly about coming to terms with his sexuality, thanks to a boy in his creative writing class with a seductive neck. And I Heart Daily's very own Melissa Walker reveals "Notebook 286," where she scribbled down every detail and encounter with her blue-eyed dreamboat.

From having a crush to being crushed, this book reminded me of every boy that's ever given me butterflies (or indigestion).

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