App We Heart: Pose

pose app

I love this new, free app I downloaded on my iPhone -- it's called Pose. Think of it as a visual Twitter for fashion. It's pretty simple: Create a profile, and upload photos of your latest style finds to your network in real time. So if you're at the mall and not sure whether you should buy that tweed romper with sequined stars, you can get immediate feedback from the Pose community and your friends. It's like having hundreds of advisers in the dressing room with you. In addition to fashion advice, there are also brands like Aerie, Levi's and that you can follow, so you'll be the first to know about their latest styles.

The app is really that simple and easy to use! I've uploaded a few photos already, and I love it when someone "likes" my Pose. So, if you download Pose (it's free!), be sure to look for I Heart Daily and follow us -- we'll follow you back. Pinky swear.