Celebrity Beauty Must-Haves

 Celebrities always seem to look perfect (annoying, isn't it?). But they have the advantage of employing professional makeup artists and hair people. Us normies? We gotta apply our own mascara. Still, on their off days, these ladies fend for themselves. Here are their favorite beauty products for use off the red carpet. Emma Watson (pictured). Both Emma and Hermione have a fresh-faced look that's never too made up. Emma has said she loves Dior's Addict Lip Glow ($29), which enhances the natural color of your lips.

Selena Gomez. Olay sets the standard for drugstore quality, and Selena is into their face wash and lotion. "If I start working on my skin now, it can't do me any harm!" Selena has said.

Hayley Williams. The Paramore singer swears by baby wipes for swiping underarms after a performance, or taking off makeup after a night out. Gentle, effective and cheap!

Blake Lively. A tan looks nice, but it's not so good for your skin. Blake loves Physicians Formula Bronze products, which give skin that sun-kissed glow without any of the yucky sun damage.

Lea Michele. Though we worship drugstore products, the Glee star adores her luxe Chanel lip balm, which she calls "incredible." At $45, it's item fit for a diva like Lea.