Cut The Junk (Or Most Of It)

In the same week that Selena Gomez blamed an unhealthy diet of M&Ms, Kit Kats and Snickers for her recent hospitalization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new data about the dismal status of teenagers' health and eating habits. Nearly one-third of American teens are overweight. Basically, teens are drinking too many sugary drinks and not exercising enough. The CDC suggests that youth exercise a minimum of one hour a day and get three hours of muscle-strengthening activity per week. Unfortunately, only 12.2 percent of the teenagers polled met this requirement. And with many schools not even offering gym as a class, it's no wonder so many teens remain unactive.

So, what to do? Even if your school won't stop serving tater tots for lunch and your chances of making the soccer team are as slim as me becoming a Olympian figure skater (read: impossible), here are a few tips from us:

Walk. It's something you know how to do and it's free. (FYI: Walking to Taco Bell doesn't count.) However, if for some reason you can't make it outside -- no excuses! Try these indoor activites.

Skip the Cheetos. Sure, sometimes fake cheese puffs are freaking good, but not all the time. Instead, try making a batch of Kale Chips. Even if you're the anti-Rachel Ray, we promise you can't mess these up. (And, yes! They are tasty!)

Drink more water. Water seems boring next to those addicitive sugary, fake-fruity drinks, but investing in a cute water bottle will encourage you to cut back on the Coke and gulp the H2O.