Hurraw's Night and Day Lip Balms

 We've already exulted our love for Hurraw! lip balms, from the fine folks whose products are made of organic, vegan and raw ingredients. Their two newest treats are an apt duo: Sun and Moon balm ($4.29 each).

Sun balm has SPF 15, which I love, since who really applies sunscreen to their mouth? It's clear, and contains refreshing tangerine and calming chamomile extracts. Then when the sun goes down, keep Moon balm on your bedside table, so you can apply it before you head off to slumberland. This night treatment contains Avocado Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil for incredible moisturizing benefits. It's also infused with Vanilla and Peru Balsam scents to ensure you have sweet dreams.

I'd really love Hurraw! to come out with a Mercury balm, so when that volatile planet's in retrograde, I'll be protected from bad astrological juju. (Think that's asking too much?)