Sparked: Volunteering, Micro Style

While you're sitting around this summer (you know, in between beach trips and your part-time job and crafting facebook updates), why not use your skills for good by microvolunteering?

Sparked is a network where people can offer assistance on a huge variety of projects -- you might help a non-profit do some social media stuff, brainstorm a new product, or be part of a focus group for a new website. We are all for in-person volunteering, but we understand that sometimes it's hard to do. Conveniently, each task featured on Sparked is one that you do online, and it takes somewhere from two minutes to two hours -- these are not time-consuming projects, but they are beneficial to non-profits that need you.

Want in? First, click a few buttons to identify your interests and skills (this takes less than two minutes). Then, you'll see "challenges," or small projects, that match up with your profile. If you want to take one on, do it!

So when your mom asks, "What did you do today?" you can say you volunteered. Let the good karma roll!