Violent Lips: Temporary Lipstick Tattoos

 We've been changing up our Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips all summer, and now it's time for lip tattoos. No, not the needly kind (ew and ouch)! Violent Lips are temporary Lip Tattoos that are safe for ages three and up -- they're vitamin enhanced and contain no animal products. And don't worry -- you can eat, drink and, um, make out in these lips!

From polka dots (pictured) to pink cheetah to zebra and origami designs, each tattoo costs $15. (Or snag rainbow or multi-checkered on sale for $10.) These beauties only last for 4-8 hours, so think of them as special occasion accessories.

The application process is detailed but doable -- watch a video tutorial here -- and removal with baby oil or mineral oil is a breeze. Pucker up!