Win The Amanda Project Clue Hunt!

The Amanda Project is an interactive book series and website where readers and writers piece together the mystery of high school student Amanda's disappearance by answering questions and discovering clues that affect the direction of future Amanda Project books. The second book, The Amanda Project Revealed by Amanda Valentino and Peter Silsbee, is out tomorrow, and you can win a copy! How? Read on.

This week, I Heart Daily and The Amanda Project are hosting The Amanda Clue Hunt. Each day, we'll be featuring a mini-Amanda puzzle in the I Heart Daily newsletter (See? It's in the top banner!). There are two ways to complete each day's clue hunt:

 Solve the puzzle


 Read the first three chapters of The Amanda Project Revealed for free on (you can also find the answers there).

Once you have the solution, add it to the end of this URL: A clue awaits you at this secret address. Each day, the first person to solve the puzzle and email us at will win a free copy of The Amanda Project Revealed!

Keep track of all the secret words you find this week for a bonus giveaway on Friday!

If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter yet, you can do that here. The clues for this contest are only available through the newsletter, so sign up now. Good luck!