YouBeauty: The Beauty-Health Connection

 You guys know Dr. Oz, right? The Oprah guy? He and his trusty counterpart, Dr. Roizen, have just launched a new site called YouBeauty, and it's all about the relationship between health and beauty. So while we're all for the best mascaras and celebrity makeup picks and lipstick that makes your puckers sing, it's also good to delve into the deeper stuff. Check out these five favorite features so far (don't miss the dozens of fun quizzes), and stay tuned... the site has just started.

 Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone actually involves science.

 Can food cause acne? Some say the pizza-zit connection is a myth, others argue it's valid. YouBeauty says the connection between what you eat and what your skin looks like is very real.

 So long, frenemies! Toxic friends can make your body feel sick -- for real. Here's how to move on from them.

 Quiz: How do you really feel about your face? (Hint: Confidence makes you shine.)

 Sleep 'n' Beauty. The next time your parents bug you to get up early, tell them that YouBeauty says "sleep is the body's natural beauty treatment!

Illustration by Scotty Reifsnyder