Be a Material Girl

As you may have heard, Madge (Madonna) has her Material Girl clothing line on sale at Macy's. Her daughter Lola (Lourdes) has been helping her collaborate on the collection (yes, she's probably the luckiest 14-year-old in existence!). And now she also has her hand in creating the new Material Girl beauty line, which includes our favorites --  lip gloss and nail polish -- among other items like body wash, mist and lotion ($12 each). "I had to smell hundreds and hundreds of different scents while smelling coffee beans in between. I had such massive headaches afterwards!" Lourdes has said. But all that sniffing resulted in some delicious scents like Blissful Berry, Sinful Sugar and Viva Vanilla. Isn't it great when your body lotion makes you salivate?

For fall, we're feeling the light gray Guilty Conscience and swirly purple Psychedelic for our nails ($7), and Butterscotch Sundae ($7) for a neutral but high-shine lip. Normally, we at I Heart Daily don't like advocating blatant materialism, but in this case, we're going to make an exception.