Moolah Saver: Claire's Nail Swag

I've always thought of Claire's as my go-to place for affordable and cute accessories and jewelry. A hoop earring here, some bangles there, etc. But imagine my utter delight when I discovered the store's snazzy nail swag. And we're not just talking nail polish -- we're talking the motherload. There's the Design Your Own Nail Pen or Brush ($8.50), for those who want to customize their manicure with some personal doodles. Or perhaps Press-on nails with Hello Kitty ($7.50), or 3D, gemmed ones ($10). Plus, Nail Stickers ($7), Scented polish ($5), Crackle polish($7), Black Light polish ($5), and my favorite Mood polish ($5). And I don't even think that's everything. Phew.

I love my Essie and O.P.I., but when I want to try out new colors, I don't always want to spend $8 on a bottle. So head to Claire's where the fun starts at $5. *fist pump*