Paper Flip Flops!

We're heading toward fall, but let's step into it in flip flops, shall we? We have the perfect ones. PaperFlops employs underprivileged people by training them in arts and crafts to create amazing products like these flip flops, made of recycled and up-cycled newspapers (it takes about 1kg of old newspapers to produce a pair). The crafters, who include street children, are in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and they also use root from old palm trees, coconut shells and natural rubber to make the flip flops, which means they're waterproof and will last longer than your $2 pair from Old Navy (though we love those too).

A pair of PaperFlops is also an investment in the crafters who make them. Snag a pair for around $35, and you'll be making a donation too. Plus, you have a cool story right on your feet! (And aren't they cute?)