Pretty Planters

I've been forging into the land of plants. Partly because I like them and partly because I'm not yet ready to take on the responsibility of a cat or dog (baby steps, people). A lot of the fun of exercising your green thumb is finding pretty plant holders! Cute makes everything better!  Mini Rainboot Gardens, Fred Flare ($18, pictured). These little porcelain rainboots come with soil and seeds to grow mint, strawberry, basil or chamomile. Get all four and grow a mini rainboot garden!

♥ Hanging Air Plant Terrarium, Everything Hand Blown ($19). This six-inch glass globe comes ready with an air plant and some rocks. All you have to do is decide where to hang it!

♥ Three-ring Plant Holder, Poketo ($40). Perfect for a trio of small pots, this white stand will brighten up any room or desk. And as the photo shows, succulents make an especially handsome choice.