Read It: Dear Bully

With stories from 70 authors, Dear Bully (HarperTeen), edited by Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones is perfect for anyone who's ever run into bullying. Which really means that it's perfect for everyone. You'll read true stories from Young Adult authors (myself included) about their experiences with bullying -- from the heartbreaking points of view of both victim and tormentor.

When I read this book, I actually had to put it down in between every few chapters and read something else. It made me cry and cringe and then feel over-the-top happy at a triumphant outcome. Each story is different, but every one feels intensely personal, which is why reading Dear Bully is such a roller coaster ride. Don't you love it when books make you feel?

Join the conversation on Facebook by "liking" the Dear Bully page. And check out's new feature, Interview With My Bully, where people get in touch with their former tormentors and talk to them about what happened and why. FASCINATING.

PS-This week is Banned Book Week, so it's an especially good time to read a banned author, lots of whom have stories in this anthology. Just saying: Bonus.